How we can help

The Improvement Foundation offers expert support to public service organisations such as primary care trusts, strategic health authorities, practice-based commissioning consortia, schools, local education authorities, local authorities and government departments to help them improve the service they provide.

We undertake work which will make a real difference to individuals and communities.

Our expertise includes delivering, and developing the capacity and capability for, quality and service improvement; training in leadership and quality improvement; spreading and sustaining improvement; service redesign; user-led quality improvement; engaging clinicians, frontline staff and communities; community development.

Our clinical chairs and advisors provide up-to-date clinical input to all our health work.


Working with us

We offer a wide range of programmes and training courses which can be individually purchased. We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how we can help with your priorities; costs are available on request. 

Our offer currently focusses on tackling inequalities, supporting service improvement and delivery, and building skills and knowledge.

We also offer bespoke improvement support, working with one organisation or a small group of organisations, often through our 10 area teams.

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Tackling Inequalities

The first three of the following programmes focus on reducing inequalities, utilising our highly successful Healthy Communities work in areas with multiple deprivation, using social marketing approaches to empower members of the public to drive improvement in their own communities.

  • Tackling Obesity Through Community Engagement

A 12-month national programme to improve the delivery of integrated obesity services in the community and in primary care. Utilising community engagement to improve prevention of obesity in children and enhance the effectiveness of general practice in impacting on individuals who are already overweight. Click here to read more about this programme.

  • Reducing Alcohol Misuse

A 12-month national improvement programme to reduce alcohol misuse through improved identification of alcohol use, adoption and implementation of an evidence-based screening and brief intervention tool in general practice, and to help commissioners redesign an integrated pathway for alcohol services. Click here to access a leaflet about this programme.

  • Improving Cervical Screening

Implement rapid uptake and implementation of cervical screening programme utilising the advantages of community engagement and social marketing approaches. Click here to read more about this programme.

  • Primary Care Mental Health Programme

Improve the care of adults of working age with common mental health disorders in primary care and reduce worklessness. To include stepped care access to psychological therapies. Click here to read more about this programme.


Supporting Service Improvement and Delivery

  • Integrated Care Programme (Unique Care Model)

Deliver reduced admissions through improved integration. In areas already implementing Unique Care the number of unplanned admissions for the whole population of over 65s has been reduced by 20% with a 40% reduction in bed days. Click here to read more about this programme.

  • Tackling Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs) Outside of Hospital

Bring together teams from PCTs, Nursing Homes and Care Homes with local communities to tackle infection rates in a 12-month improvement programme. Address antibiotic prescribing in primary care. Click here to read more about this programme.

  • Primary Care Access & Responsiveness

Practical support of a Rapid Improvement Event to consider all aspects of responsiveness: availability, convenience, patient experience and effectiveness. The Improvement Foundation offers a range of support options to assist with improving access. Click here to read  more about this support.

  • Improving Sexual Health Services

A 12-month national redesign programme to improve the responsiveness of sexual health services in terms of access and convenience, based on adoption of good practice models and improved partnership working between primary care and genito urinary medicine (GUM) services. Taking account of inequalities. Click here to access a leaflet about this programme.


Building Skills and Knowledge

  • Advanced Commissioning Course

Only university-accredited course improving capability and capacity of Commissioners to deliver World Class Commissioning. Provides a practical, skills-based focus throughout a full commissioning year. Click here to read  more about this support.

  • Tailored support for delivery of World Class Commissioning

Design, development and delivery of bespoke WCC programme in response to needs and priorities identified by PCTs. Modules to support each of the WCC Competencies. Click here to read  more about this support.

  • Practice Based Commissioning Support

    The Improvement Foundation continues to offer comprehensive support for primary care trusts (PCTs) and practice based commissioners to develop their capacity and capability to implement PBC whilst strengthening the infrastructure to support implementation. Click here to read  more about this support.

    • Leadership for Improvement Programmes

    University-accredited programmes, based on four years of running successful leadership programmes, providing the leadership skills and confidence required to take forward improvement work. Click here to read more about these programmes.

    • Quality Improvement Skills Training

    Locally delivered programme of quality improvement skills training and development - gives participants the skills to drive forward service improvements in their organisation. Click here to read more about this support.


    National Education Breakthrough Programme

    Out of healthcare, our National Education Breakthough Programme has successfully run for five years, and over 200 Primary and Secondary Schools have now benefitted from it. We are currently recruiting for more schools to join the programme - please contact us for further information.


    Further information

    This website gives an extensive overview of our programmes and work, and offers a wide range of resources, including case studies and links. Please contact us if you would like any further information.

    If you are interested in working with the Improvement Foundation please go to How we can help or click here to contact us.