International work

The Improvement Foundation is at the forefront of the development and advancement of quality improvement knowledge and application. We work across the world, sharing our learning about what works through successful international improvement programmes which transfer our methodology while being sensitive to different contexts and cultures.

As recognised experts, we host fact-finding tours from healthcare organisations from around the world. We have received visitors from Russia, Australia, Canada, Holland, Taiwan, Norway and Ireland. We have recently been asked by the World Bank to identify lessons for other countries from the NHS' experience of performance management and quality improvement.

We are invited to present our work at international healthcare conferences and are frequently asked to provide bespoke support and advice on improvement, safety, quality and inequalities to other countries.

We have worked with partners in Scotland, Australia and Canada. In 2006, we established the Improvement Foundation (Australia) as a subsidiary company to build on the success of the improvement programmes we had been helping to run in Australia. The company was recently awarded a government contract to roll out a national primary care improvement programme across the whole of Australia.

If you are interested in working with the Improvement Foundation please go to How we can help or click here to contact us.

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