Reducing admissions to hospital

Reducing hospital admissions is a priority for all sections of the health and social care service.

This is not only in terms of the costs, particularly those associated with emergency hospital admissions, but, more importantly, because of the frequently negative impact of hospitalisation on the long-term health of people.

The over-65 age group occupy nearly two-thirds of general hospital beds and account for half of the recent growth in emergency admissions. In fact, the majority admitted to hospital as an emergency are older people, many of whom have several medical conditions.

It has been widely acknowledged that if emergency admissions are to be reduced, or at least contained, there should be better management of underlying long-term conditions and more targeted support to those who are most vulnerable.

All too often older people with complex health and social care needs are admitted to hospital as emergency cases because the necessary coordinated support to help them in their own homes and communities is not available. This is often because the increasing numbers of patients with long-term conditions, and the shift towards primary care focused service delivery, have combined to leave many professionals feeling overwhelmed.

With better integration and redesign of services and emphasis on the appropriate use of skills and timely interventions, the benefits for both patients and professionals become apparent.

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New developments

The Improvement Foundation helps front-line primary and secondary care clinicians and managers, as well as social care professionals and managers, to improve and integrate care for patients with long-term conditions and reduce hospital admissions through our Integrated Care programme which is based on the Unique Care approach.


Ongoing Support

The Improvement Foundation has led the way in improving the management of long-term conditions (LTCs) in primary care across thousands of practices in England, Scotland, Canada and Australia.

Based on our Healthy Communities approach, we have also run a programme on Reducing Falls in Older People.

If you are interested in working with the Improvement Foundation please go to How we can help or click here to contact us.


Completed programmes